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Video:How to Fill in Eyebrows

with Daniel Meirom

Fill in eyebrows for a fuller eyebrow look. Follow these easy steps to fill in eyebrows in just a few minutes.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fill in Eyebrows

Hello I'm Kacie Marie and I'm going to show you today how to fill in and extend your eyebrows.

When your eyebrows are full and shapely, it helps to define your face showing your natural beauty.

Supplies to Fill in Eyebrows

The tools you'll need are a pencil, it could be brown or black, depending on your coloring; a brush, you can use any kind of even use a Q-tip; an eyebrow brush; and any palette you have in your drawer. You can use eye shadow or eyebrow shadow.

Technique to Fill in Eyebrows

Now let's define our eyebrow. I know you're wondering: How long to extend my brows to? A great trick is to use the pencil. From the outside of your nose to the corner of your eye. That's exactly how long your eyebrows should be. So you measure on both sides and that gives you a general idea and you can go shorter or longer, whatever you're in the mood for.

We'll start with our pencil. Following with the natural shape of your eyebrow, extend right along the natural line, exactly to what we just measured to. If you're eyebrows are not as naturally as shapely, feel free to go in and round them off a bit.

I like to use the eyebrow brush just to style them a little bit and it even helps blend some of the pencil. Perfect. Now we're going to fill in our eyebrow with shadow. I'm using a light brown with a little bit of sparkle. As we fill in the brow, toward the inside really round it off, helping it to look extra classic.

And we're done. It's that simple. Now you have strong eyebrows to go with your strong personality.
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